Super Smart Batteries

Digital self-diagnosis technology, proprietary BMS centralized controlling protocol, Cloud data provides real-time alarms on abnormal interconnection state, self-diagnosis, reusable, remote shutdown of single battery.

Smart Lithium Battery

Automatic notification of battery failure

battery automatic power-off when pressure difference/overcharge/high voltage

automatic detection and reporting of low battery capacity

support battery remote lock, control charge and discharge

automatic power-off and alarm of high battery temperature

Small Volume, Long Life, Good Waterproof Performance

Battery level reminder query, convenient and worry-free battery life

Voltage and Temperature Detection, High Cycle-Times, Safe and Reliable

Independently R&D of BMS Efficient and Smart Battery Management and Control

Mass Production More advantage in Price

Lithium Battery BMS

BMS Smart Battery Management System

Single Battery Voltage Management

Voltage Equalization

Charging Cycle Times Statistics

Strong&Weak Current Isolation Protection

Water Ingress Protection

Over-charge protection

Battery Discharging Management

Power-off Protection

Short Circuit Protection

Contactless Tele-communications

Battery Charging Management

Over-discharge protection

Battery Failure Secondary Protection

Overcurrent Protection

Temperature Protection

Pioneering Design

Systematic battery swapping network. Whole industry chain management. The latest battery smart series-parallel technology. Battery modular & standardized design.

Technological Innovation

Independently R&D of Cloud computing system. Real-time information collection and smart analysis. Advanced bms, pms electronic control technology. Excellent product safety and performance. Independently R&D of smart chips. Full life cycle battery management.

Quality Assurance

Perfect combination of product design and innovative technology. Independent high-quality production line. Automotive grade battery technology. IP67 battery Pack technology. Worry-free outdoor use.

Safety Performance

Multiple safety designs have been implement in our Swapping Station and Battery Products. The Safety Performance of the products is on the top of the industry.

Voltage Detection

The battery has the function of real-time voltage detection and alarm. When the battery has voltage abnormalities such as overvoltage and differential pressure, the warning will be issued at once, and performed automatic power-off.

High Temperature Alarm

When the battery detects that the temperature is too high or too low, it will automatically lock in the first time to stop charging and discharging, and avoid fire hazards.

Remote Lock

A. The abnormal battery can be found according to the prompt of the text message or the background query, which can be locked or unlocked according to the actual situation.

B. When the battery or vehicle is stolen or unattended, you can use the background software to lock the battery so that the battery is in a self-protected state without short circuit, discharge, charging, etc., to prevent improper use.

C. Automatic lock function is set in the Cloud background, the system will automatically trigger the lock when an exception occurs.

Leakage&Short Circuit Protection

A.There is a current protection in the program, and the protection mechanism will be activated to disconnect the load when a large current occurs.

B. There will be a program in the background to detect the self-consumption of the battery in real time. When the self-consumption is too large, the program will automatically prompt for maintenance or swapping of the battery.