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Low-Speed Four-Wheelers



Electric Two-Wheeler(ECU)

Smart Lithium Battery(BMS)

Smart Charge Station


Low Battery

Scan the code to open the cabinet

Take out the battery to be swapped

Put the battery to be swapped in the cabinet and take out the fully charged battery

Put in a fully charged battery


The Battery Swapping Mode Is Suitable For Multiple Scenarios

Create a new ecology of urban electric two-wheeler mobility, separation of vehicles and batteries, build dense nets by distributed cabinets, and customization by scenarios.

Squared away Battery Swapping Solution

Unlimited Battery Power

Any point for swapping in the city’s battery swapping network. Instant swap and go.

Efficiency Improvement

No charging, easy to swap battery in 3 seconds. Anytime, anywhere, swap battery as you want.

Easy to Take and Return

Portability, can be swapped with one handetc. Scan QR code, swipe card, fast and convenient.

Safe and Normative

The whole process is centralized and visualized. Standardized outdoor charging.


Traditional Battery Charging

Range Anxiety

R2ange anxiety is the biggest concern of all new energy vehicle users. Whether it is Tesla electric vehicle owners, two-wheeled low-speed vehicles, or even scooters, they will have range anxiety and hope to have ashigh battery capacity as possible.

Long Charging Time

Different from the traditional energy mode of coming at any time, refueling at any time, and leaving at any time, new energy vehicles generally need to be charged at a fixed location after parking the car.Even if it is fast charging, it takes a long time. Users have to plan the route and time in advance to ensure efficiency.

Difficult to Charge

Controlled by the government, charging space is limited.

Safety Hazards

There are few public facilities, and there are hidden safety hazards of home flying lines.

Customize Your Own APP

Data Visualization

User Portrait Tracking

Custom Operating Model

Security System Monitoring

Multi-Level Authority Management

Data Analysis & Management

APP Personalized Customization

Mile+ Solution

Not only electric two-wheelers enjoy the battery swapping service, but also the medium and high power motor three-wheelers and low-speed four-wheelers do.



Refrigerated Three-Wheeler

Low-Speed Four-wheeler

How to Start

1 Hour

Provide preliminary plan in one hour.

1 Day

Understandthe details of the project requirements by questionary within one working day.

1 Week

Provide the best solution and working-plan within a week.

1 Month

Complete the batch supply plan within one month Sample delivery within one month.