Smart Electric Two-wheeler

The core of smart electric vehicles is intelligentialize, not electric power. Smart electric vehicles are actually wheeled smart robots. If they were just electric powered, they existed 100 years ago.

Smart ECU

The smart ECU is equivalent to the brain of an electric two-wheeler. The Squared Away smart ECU allows you to “smart riding & control” whatever you want.

ECU keeps running while battery off.

Find vehicle with one click even without power on.

ECU Smart Management System
Find My Vehicle
Battery Remote Monitoring
Remote Start
Movement Track
Performance Analysis
Live Location
Remote Wheel Lock
Error Analysis
Remote Speed Limit
Keyless Start
Power Query
Geo Fence
Battery Temperature
Remote Control
No Power Monitoring
SOC Warning
Power off Anti-theft

“Smart Management” Mobility

Through Squared Away’s smart ECU system, every electric two-wheeler user can control and operate the vehicle and accurately grasp the condition of the vehicle through a smart phone in real time, making the electric two-wheeler smarter, more environmentally friendly, and more convenient to use.

Smart Your Vehicle Right Now

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