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Not only electric two-wheelers enjoy the battery swapping service, but also the medium and high power motor three-wheelers and low-speed four-wheelers do.



Refrigerated Three-Wheeler

Low-Speed Four-wheeler

For low-speed electric powered vehicles with medium and high power motors, our company specializes in a combined Mile+ Solution with battery swapping.

The power in the Mile+ battery will be continuously transferred to the original vehicle battery to ensure that the Mile+ battery is consumed first.

Battery Swapping Solution for Three/Four-Wheelers


1、Keep original solution, 2KW motor + original vehicle lead-acid/lithium battery x1 pcs.

2、Independently R&D of BMS, efficient and smart battery management and control.

3、According to the power and performance requirements of different models, add 60/20Ah removable lithium battery x 2-4 pcs,placed under the seat, can be replaced at any time.

Mile+ Solution provides flexibility and universal to avoid overlapping investment. It also allows different modes according to the power and performance requirements.

With the support of the Mile+ converter, two-wheeled electric motorcycles, three-wheeled logistics vehicles, four-wheeled low-speed electric vehicles, etc. share one same type of Mile+ battery.